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Regenisomes™ Enzyme Technology: Rejuvenating Enzymes

By On September 16, 2012 Under Sense Technology

Mend the look of aging with Regenisomes: 24-hour cellular protection and recovery 

Every day our complexions are exposed to UV light, smog, and smoke, which trigger oxidative stress in the skin cells. These environmental effects gradually show as the visible signs of skin aging in the form of deep lines, wrinkles, mottled and rough surface, and sagging. The USANA scientists who created the Sensé product line studied the damaging effects of the environment on our skin, which led them to another breakthrough in skin-care technology.

Regenisomes enzyme technology is an anti-aging oceanic enzyme complex that helps speed the skin’s recovery from environmental damage, helping to repair the look of aging. The Sensé replenishing products—Daytime Protective Emulsion and Night Renewal Crème—and Eye Nourisher feature Regenisomes, delivering 24-hour cellular protection and recovery from environmental damage.

How does Regenisomes technology work?

The revolutionary technology contained in Sensé™ Daytime Protective Emulsion is light activated to provide an immediate boost to your skin’s natural defense against the environment. Daytime Protective Emulsion with Regenisomes technology is your skin’s first line of protection against the visible signs of aging caused by the environment.

The Regenisomes technology in Night Renewal Crème and Eye Nourisher works deep in the upper layers of the complexion, optimizing your skin’s natural cellular recovery process and helping repair the appearance of environmental damage.

With Regenisomes technology, your skin is fortified to look healthy and younger, now and beyond.

Regenisomes technology is found in Daytime Protective Emulsion, Night Renewal Crème and Eye Nourisher.


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